• Importance of saree in Indian culture

    Since always, saree has been considered to be carrying a great cultural significance. It is one of the most graceful dresses of women. The reason behind it is that saree elegantly covers the entire body of a woman. 
  • All about Kantha

     The fabrics of Kantha can be traced back in history with its origins in the country of Bangladesh. Kantha is also said to be found in West Bengal as well as Odisha. 
  • Sarees of Bengal

    The sarees of Bengal are proof that it is a state rich in heritage and culture. Its beauty and charm continue to live beyond generations.
  • History of Handloom

    Saree is one of the oldest attire in the world and has been here for ages. The Indian saree has also been mentioned in the Vedic literature which itself is more than a thousand years old.
  • Types of Jamdani Sarees

    Jamdani Sarees are one of the most artistically beautiful & extensively handcrafted. The making of these sarees is like art & they are prepared by experienced weavers who have learned the skill from their ancestors. Did you know there are different types of Jamdani sarees all of which are different from one another?
  • Steps to Wear a Saree

    To look beautiful in a saree, you must know how to drape it first. As those who know how to master the art of draping a saree is to master the technique of looking royal and elegant. Here are a few steps for you that might come handy!
  • Sarees of Bengal

    Bengal and sarees have a long history. So much so that, it has become a part of the culture, be it any event from weddings to festivals, a Bengali ...
  • History of Indian saree

    Saree is the most graceful attire that an Indian woman can wear. Indian saree has been existing for more than 5000 years now and it has made it one...
  • 8 Facts About Saree

    Every woman loves to wear a saree, though it is a fact that saree is taken as the traditional wear in India, it is highly appreciated by many. You will get plenty of varieties of sarees in the market. There are numerous facts about sarees.