We all wish to look our best at all times. The one word popping into my head is glamorous, having heard of looking good at all times. Does it sound...
  • Floral and Hues

    What comes to your head when you hear the word “saree”? Though it is a debatable question, we can still point out some of the memories it brings to...
  • How to wash cotton and silk saris at home?

    In today’s new era, people have varied choices to choose from, but also have the liberty to shape every aspect of their life. Women, regardless of ...
  • Popular Bengal Cotton Sarees

    Bengal has always been famous for its culture and traditions. The Durga puja festival of Bengal is famous all across the world along with the varie...
  • The Summer Look Book : Comfortable In Cotton

    The hot glaring season has made its entry into the Indian subcontinent. Temperatures are set to go high; people reluctant to move outdoors in the m...

    Tant is a traditional cotton handloom Bengali saree and has been a part of the heritage for a long time. Tant sarees are lightweight and airy texture which are especially suited for hot summer months. The sarees have a characteristic feature that distinguishes them from the rest.
  • Tips to Look Gorgeous in Office Wear Sarees

    No matter how modern a woman is,  a saree is one attire that adds grace and elegance to her look. If sarees are a part of your workwear and you want to look gorgeous in them then please read and follow these tips mentioned in this blog.
  • An Epilogue On How to Choose a saree

    Always choose a saree according to your physical appearance because that will either make or break your look. 
  • The Art of Weaving a Jamdani Saree

    In today’s new era, people not only have a variety of options to choose from but also have the liberty to choose whatever they want. In this case, ...
  • Stepping Into the World of Silk.

    Silk sarees were first originated in Murshidabad district of West Bengal under the influence of the Mughal Nawab Of Bengal Murshiduli Khan.
  • All about Jamdani

    Ever heard of Jamdani? That’s a pretty stupid question, isn’t it? All of us know about jamdani sarees. Pretty much every Indian woman wants to wear...
  • Importance of saree in Indian culture

    Since always, saree has been considered to be carrying a great cultural significance. It is one of the most graceful dresses of women. The reason behind it is that saree elegantly covers the entire body of a woman.